New year, same old me.

I didn’t end-up posting in December last year as there was a lot going on in my world. And, as is always the case, whenever there’s a time-crunch, the blog is the first to suffer. Truth be told, I had the time to blog; plenty of it, actually. I just haven’t been inspired to write lately, in part because I still don’t know what this blog is supposed to be.

At times, it’s very much a journal; just me, sharing my thoughts and opinions with anyone that’s interested (or bored) enough to look. But I also want to make this blog a resource, something useful to help others navigate their way to successfully achieving their health and fitness goals. I am sure there is a way to satisfy both goals in one blog, but it frequently feels like I simply flip-flop between the two extremes. Así es la vida.

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Travel and too much time to think

I’ve been away from home just two weeks today, but in all honesty, it feels like an eternity. Up until today, I’ve been on vacation with my wife in Spain and France; right now I am on a train to Zurich for work (traveling at 315kph!). I’ll return home to California via London later this week after enjoying my niece’s wedding with family.

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I can see my abs

My AbsOn February 8th this year, I decided to set a new step-goal of seeing my absI can recall the date explicitly, as it’s the same day I signed-up for Adam Bornstein’s Getting Shredded event. Two months later… BOOM; abs!

Yup, that’s not stock imagery on on the right, that’s me sporting my new six-pack!

So what was different this time around?

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Why Visceral Shift?

A number of people have asked me why the blog is called Visceral Shift, so I thought I’d take a minute to explain. Truth be told, domain availability is always a factor in these things, so in part, this was a name that was simply available. But there is additional meaning…

Aside from sounding absolutely awesome, the word visceral has a couple of meanings to me and this blog. First, there’s the health and fitness connotation. Visceral fat is one of the nastier kinds of body fat; it’s the fat fills your body cavity, distending your abdomen and enveloping your organs. Second, there’s the more formal definition: Relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect … that deep-rooted, instinctual emotion that often controls how with think and feel, despite having facts to suggest otherwise.

Building on those two associations, Visceral Shift:

  • Shifting, eliminating that that visceral body fat
  • The constant shift of guttural, instinctual emotion that drives some of our choices

There you have it. Maybe not as deep an meaningful as you might have hoped, but there is meaning there, none the less. Enjoy!