Appropriately sore

sleepykittyToday was a rest day; an opportunity for my body to recover from the first two workouts of the week. Now sure, I am not quite as tired as this little fella, but I am appropriately sore from my efforts.

The week started out with lower body on Monday and upper body on Tuesday, with both sessions largely focused on increasing strength. And I did feel strong, in spite of the super-set format and short rest intervals. Still, there’s a long way to go this week with a second round of full-body conditioning on Thursday and an intense, metabolic stressor on Friday.

That reminds me, I’m working from home Friday so I need to think about an alternative to the barbell complex I’ve been using at the gym. Unhooking the heavy-bag and manhandling that for the 20 mins seems like the only viable option, although I’ll need to figure out some straps or ties to help with grip.

Closing thought: The importance of rest days is easily overlooked and more often than not, resting feels counter-intuitive to achieving your goals. However, if you are following any sort of strength or conditioning program, the rest days are when you actually get stronger!

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