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I liberate motivated men and women from the clutches of middle age

I’m a professional fitness coach and mentor that helps resourceful men and women kick middle-age to the curb. By simplifying the process of building muscle and shredding unsightly body fat through a resolute commitment to the fundamentals, I cut through the noise to distill exactly what clients need to feel fantastic, look great naked and squeeze every last drop out of life.

Does this sound like you?

By the time you’re approaching or in your forties, careers and parenting (and partying!) have taken a toll on your body. You’re often still pushing hard at work to secure your future, and at home you’re dealing with the mental stress of kids that are growing-up way too fast. Energy is at an all time low and you’re all too aware of the fact your body is looking considerably past its “best-before” date. And yet, at this stage in your life you’re finally in a position to start investing in yourself. You have the finances to secure the help you need, and time is no longer the scarcest resource. You even make it to the gym a few times a week, and you’re really starting to enjoy the prospect of getting back in shape.

Motivation for change is high.

Trouble is, you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing, and you hop from program to program in search of something that will produce results. And although you’ve reduced some of that mid-week drinking, it’s not exactly like you need to be out shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Googling for workouts and help with nutrition is getting old fast. And frankly, it’s draining valuable mental energy you’d rather be directing to work, family or finances. If something doesn’t change, motivation will wane and you don’t yet have the discipline and good habits to fall back on.

You need help now before it all unravels.

“Who the hell is this guy?”

First and foremost, I’m your kind of person.

I am not some twenty-something IG coach that works out of their mum’s spare bedroom. I’m nearly fifty years old and I’ve had a thirty-plus year career in tech management and performance coaching. And in that time I’ve been married, divorced and married again. I’ve had small kids and now have “adult” kids. I’ve supported families on two continents, saved hard, managed investments and planned for my future.

And throughout all that I’ve learned the importance of maintaining good health and a building a great body. It ain’t free and it ain’t easy—but it can be done.

I’ve done it.

I do it.

And I can help you do it too!

So how does this online coaching thing work?

It’s pretty hard to distill an entire coaching engagement down to a few easily digestible soundbytes. But once you’ve decided to work with me, here’s what my clients have assured me is a pretty close rundown:

  1. I send you a bunch of forms to “gather intelligence”.
  2. We talk. A lot.
  3. We set goals. Big fat shiny ones; itty-bitty near-term ones.
  4. We flesh out our strategy and tactics.
  5. You do work (including reporting a bunch of data).
  6. I do work (reading zee tea-leaves).
  7. We talk. A lot. Mostly via email, often via DM, sometimes face-to-face on video.
  8. I learn more and more about you. Finding out what makes you tick, what you want, what you NEED and just how hard I can push.
  9. I listen, support, empathize, reassure, instruct, suggest and ask.
  10. I also question, reaffirm, nudge, push, prod, poke and hold you accountable to yourself.
  11. We verify progress, review goals and make adjustments.
  12. Rinse and repeat steps 5 through 11.
  13. You look and feel fabulous.
  14. We celebrate with half-naked pictures all over Facebook (ok, optional – but we DO celebrate!).

Still not convinced? 

There’s a number of reasons why you’ll want me in your corner.


  • I’ve been a professional manager and coach in the tech industry for more than twenty years, helping individuals at Silicon Valley giants like YouTube and Google achieve their goals and be the very best they can be.
  • Coaching is about people, not programs or meal plans. And at the heart of coaching is communication and behaviour change. Realizing your full potential comes down to building the best version of yourself, and that means shutting down bad behaviours and negative self-talk, and systematically and incrementally driving positive change to support your goals.
  • Coaching is about communication, so given we’ll be working “online”, you’ll at least want (1) a real human on the end of the wire, and (2) someone who’s been around the block and has the maturity, wisdom, experience and empathy to help you cope with everything that life has to throw at you. 
  • People also say you can’t outrun a bad diet. But I’ll go one further and say that diet and nutrition is the foundation of all transformation; body and mind. The trouble is, far too manycoaches focus either exclusively on the training or provide clients with insufficient nutritional advice for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is why I opted to invest in becoming a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is the industry’s most respected education program that gives coaches the knowledge, systems, and tools they need to really understand how nutrition influences a person’s health and fitness.
  • I’m also a fully Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).


Look, perhaps you’ve tried and failed to lose weight already? Maybe you’ve tried to clean-up your eating, hit the gym and you’re still not seeing the results? It’s quite possible you’ve already spent good money buying programs and supplements and nothing seems to work. Whatever it is … whatever your challenge, you came here for a reason.

You came here because you’re either struggling or you want to accelerate your progress and take things to the next level.

So here’s your two options, neither of which requires anything more than a small investment of your time.

Whichever button you click, we’re still just courting.

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