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This page lists the products and supplements I use every day for myself, and with my health and fitness coaching clients.

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Withings Body+ Smart WiFi Scale

Withings Body Smart Wifi Scale

The Withings Body+ Smart WiFi Scale is probably the best $99 I’ve ever spent! With a WiFi scale, you pee (not on the scale), step on, and step off. By the time you’re downstairs and pouring that first cup of coffee, your data is already in the cloud, on your phone, AND in your coach’s training system! And you didn’t have to do a damn thing.

AccuFitness MyoTape Body Tape Measure

MyoTape Body Measure Tape

Waist measurements are the mainstay of weekly body composition tracking, but consistency is the key to making the data useful. The MyoTape Body Tape Measure applies consistent tape tension that ensures an accurate reading every time. All you need to do is keep the tape in the same place and measure under the same conditions. It’s also easy to take arm and leg measurements without any help at all. I even used it for head measurements for my caps and motorcycle helmets. Cheap, easy, and a worthy addition to your fitness tracking set-up.

SNODE AD80: 80 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Drop Resistant)

SNODE AD80: 80 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set

There are a lot of options in the market for adjustable dumbbells, especially up to 55lbs. But for 80lb sets, the options are more limited. I’ve personally owned the Bowflex Selecttech DBs and while they are good—they are unwieldy and don’t handle like normal dumbbells. I’ve also used the PowerBlock Pro “dumbbells” and they are even LESS like normal DBs with a heavily offset center of gravity. It’s also not that easy to change the PowerBlock weight. The SNODE AD80s are the complete opposite and feel EXACTLY like regular dumbbells. Customers love the durability, ease of adjustment, and grip of the dumbbell. One twist of that grip and you can smoothly and conveniently rotate through eight increments of 10lbs from 10-80 lbs. And if I had to pick one negative—it really is just that you don’t have 5lb increments. Just means you’ll have to use the double progression system, increasing reps before increasing the weight and dropping back down. Cheap? Not at all. But you’re replacing 8 pairs of dumbbells, and you have 160lbs of load on tap to build a decent amount of strength.

Versa Gripps Pro (lifting straps)

Versa Gripps® Pro Wrist Straps for Weightlifting

At almost $70 when I bought them, I was really not sure it would be worth the money. But I’ve had my Versa Gripps Pro for over 7 years now, and they are STILL in perfect condition. As lifting straps, they take a little getting used to. But once you use them for a while—you’ll never go back to regular liftin

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

I personally found this book a compelling read, and Dr Walker writes (and speaks) in a way that makes complex topics both interesting AND understandable.

“Fascinating … Walker describes how our resting habits have changed throughout history; the connection between sleep, chronic disease, and life span; and why the pills and aids we use to sleep longer and deeper are actually making our nights worse. Most important, he gives us simple, actionable ways to get better rest—tonight.” —Men’s Journal

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