Do you have a reference physique?

We all need something to motivate us. Push us to the next level. One way to do this is having a reference physique you aspire to. Who’s picture do you have pinned to your refrigerator?

Do you have a reference physique?

A photo or image of a body that encapsulates everything you admire and desire in a physique, but a physique that is also attainable for your height, build and genetics?

The latter is important, for no matter how much I love Arnold’s body, I don’t have his build or genetics. The bone structure, the deep insertion points and thick muscle bellies. I can literally never look like him.

Hence, if I am to aspire to an ideal physique, truly visualize myself with that body, it had better be a look that is attainable. An outcome I could conceivably achieve, even if the road is long.

Now, my reference physique has twenty-odd years on me, so reaching this level of conditioning while holding decent size will be very tough for me. He’s also a little taller and broader than my reference physique would ideally be. Oh, and not the hair. I’ve been follicly challenged from age eighteen.

I give you Dickerson Ross: 26 years old. 6′ 1″, ~185 shredded pounds.

Dickerson Ross' physique
Dickerson Ross

This physique speaks to me; nay, whispers in my ear.

It reaches me on a deeper level, beyond simply seeing the body. I feel something visceral when I see this physique; a tumultuous river of thoughts and emotions.

  • Desire
  • Admiration
  • Respect
  • Envy
  • Awe
  • Challenge
  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration

Who’s physique do you aspire to? Who’s body reaches you on another level? Have you found having a reference physique beneficial? Helpful in motivating you, staying focused and disciplined?

Feel differently? Think this type of fantasy and visualization is nonsense?

Either way, leave a comment below or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. I’m always happy to hear the perspectives of others and learn something new.

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