Is discipline enough?

Struggles, like seas and seasons, ebb and flow in the natural order of things.

I struggle with motivation, not just in the gym, but in life also.

I struggle with futility, not just in the gym, but in life also.

I struggle with trust, not just in the gym, but in life also.

Discipline is my anchor in all things.

Discipline is how I get up at 5am every day. Discipline controls what passes my lips. Discipline is how I show-up for work and at the gym. Discipline ensures restraint.

But is it enough?

Motivation elevates, makes-light hard tasks. It carries you, unseen, toward your desires. It dispels uncertainty and eliminates doubt. Who would willingly abandon motivation?

Yet motivation is fleeting, fragile to the grasp of futility. The pointlessness of action; of waking, of working, of needless desires. Why make the attempt? It just doesn’t matter. It is for naught.

Trust in the process; have faith. Believe. Resist the urge for gratuitous change. Hold the line, move forward; always forward.

Yet trust flounders in the quagmire of impatience, weakened by frustration and the petulance of ill-set goals. Trust bleeds to blade of futility.


It holds.

Tenuous; but it holds.

It hurts, but it holds.

Motivation is not necessary; trust unimportant; futility forestalled.

It pushes, it drags; it gives no quarter.

But is it enough?

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