Metabolism and the Meaning of Life

In a physiological context homeostasis refers to the body’s desire to maintain equilibrium at all costs.

Why is it that some people can seemingly eat everything and not gain weight. While others diligently eating their weight-watcher salads gains weight if they so much as look at a donut?

Well, it’s complicated, and there’s a lot of variables at play. But perhaps the biggest of these is homeostasis and your bodies desire to maintain equilibrium at all costs.

Now homeostasis might not be a term you’ve heard all that often, but I’m sure you’ve all heard of metabolism. Usually around terms like slow, fast and even broken.

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Did you break your metabolism?

While you can’t “break” your metabolism, excessive and repetitive periods in a prolonged hypocaloric state can leave your metabolism “depressed”. If you’ve eaten or exercised yourself into a corner, read on.

Our bodies are constantly striving to maintain equilibrium, and our metabolism quickly adjusts to balance (counter, resist) changes in energy intake or expenditure. This is why the common advice of EAT LESS MOVE MORE runs out of steam pretty quickly. Especially for those that have already been taking that approach for a while, or has already seen significant body re-composition.

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