Weekly round-up #13

When it comes to health and fitness, the Internet is a mixed blessing. Yes, there is great information out there, but unfortunately, the good (useful, accurate, valuable) material is outnumbered 1,000,000:1 by inaccurate, misleading BS.

If you are to truly make progress on your goals–be that getting healthy, improving strength or shifting visceral bellyfat–you’ll need to start following people that can actually help move you in the right direction. Here’s excerpts from just three of the people I follow on a regular basis.

Adam Bornstein

BornFitnessAdam Bornstein is without doubt the single most knowledgeable person out there talking, educating and coaching on the subject of health and fitness. Adam is the guy behind the scenes, pulling the strings as an editor at some of the industry’s largest publications. He’s also written five books!

This week Adam wrote a post about the oft-forgotten benefits of positive feedback; both in terms of receiving it and, perhaps more importantly, giving it! Whether we are prepared to admit it or not, we all crave positive feedback in our lives; that pat on the back or words of encouragement, love and respect go a long way, right? I know I certainly feel good when I receive positive feedback. But did you realize that giving positive feedback and encouragement feels even better? No? Try it some time! Not only will you boost someone else’s self-esteem for the day, you’ll feel all the better for it too! That’s a win/win in anyone’s book.


James Clear

James Clear’s 2014 Integrity Report is a beautiful thing. Before you read it–and I strongly suggest you do–know that James is one of the most sincere and straight forward people in the industry; I am 100% confident he means every word of what he’s written in his report.

Another area of James’ interest and expertise extends to self-improvement and forming good habits. In his latest post, he provides you with three simple steps to help your good habits stick! You’ll be surprised at just how applicable the techniques are to every aspect of your life.

From a “fitness industry” perspective, an environment that is full of opportunists and myth-peddlers, I for one am grateful for people like James; people that are knowledgable, sincere and genuinely care about helping others. Your world is almost certainly a better place with James in it!

Anthony MychalAnthony Mychal

Another guy that has a lot of really insightful and useful things to say on the subject of health and well-being is Anthony Mychal. At the moment, Anthony is following a journal-style posting format and writing almost every day based on what he’s currently thinking about, working on or struggling with. As a result, you get a pretty eclectic mix of posts which makes for a really interesting read on a wider range of topics than you’ll get from most bloggers in the industry.

This week, Anthony has been struggling with a cold and as a result, has talked a lot about listening to your body which is often whispering words of caution; are you listening to what your body is trying to say? He’s also working on writing a book of his experiences and had a bit of a breakthrough in terms of formatting and organizing the content this week. Then there was breeding and bleeding as well as talk of vestibular awareness, kinesthetic sense and the movement matrix!! Like I say, eclectic and interesting.

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