What do you want me to write about?

ThoughtfulI have perhaps my biggest travel period for the year upcoming; a mixture of conferences, summer vacation and extended work travel. As always, part of me is thrilled at the prospect (who doesn’t love to travel!), and the other part of me is dreading it (transatlantic flights, loss of sleep, high stress and huge disruption to the exercise and nutrition program).

That said, I’ve been operating on this sort of schedule for almost a decade at this point, and I am pretty good at minimizing some of the negative aspects of the travel, including managing the jet-lag, packing healthy snacks and making exercise and healthy eating a priority wherever possible. Still, it takes its toll on the body, and I’m looking forward to the end of summer and a quieter travel period through to the end of the year.

One small benefit that traveling presents is the opportunity to get some of my thoughts down and commit to writing a blog post or two; that’s why you’ll see some burstiness in my writing. Of late, there seems to have been no shortage of things I could write about, and across a wide-range of subjects, from business to pleasure, diet and exercise or just good ol’ personal experiences, ideas, fears and everything in between.

Part of the reason I don’t end-up posting more regularly is the notion that my blog posts need to be deep and meaningful, long or otherwise entertaining in some way. And with generally high standards for myself, that puts quite a big hurdle in the way of actually getting things out. I keep telling myself that I should just write more, perhaps just committing to getting one or two blog posts out per week, and worry a little less about whether the subject matter is congruent with some bigger picture.

I mean, the whole point of this blog was really to share my thoughts on a variety of subjects, albeit with a health and fitness lean. Truth be told, I just want to help people, and until I know exactly what helps, I aught to just keep writing.

What do you want to hear about? In what small way can I help YOU with my writing efforts?

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