Ding ding, round two

My current program has me working the entire body twice in the week, Monday through Saturday, with Sunday being a well-earned day of rest.

Here’s the split:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Chest and shoulders
  • Wednesday: Back
  • Thursday: Legs II
  • Friday: Back and arms
  • Saturday: Chest and shoulders

The second half of the week is slightly different to the first half, with lighter weights and increased reps; not dramatically so, but enough to ensure that I can still move the heavy stuff on days one through three.

And it’s largely working. Today is Thursday, and the second of my two leg workouts this week. And truth be told, everything hurts, including my quads, glutes, traps and lower back… not exactly how I want to go into another leg session.

But we must.

If I never went to the gym because I felt sore, or tired or spent, or even “over trained”, I’d never go. Period.

But we must.

I don’t miss workouts. I haven’t missed a workout in maybe a year or more. I’ve learned that once I get there, settle in, loosen up, grip the iron… everything falls into place.

Change is hard and costly, and our bodies will resist it, aggressively. That’s why round two is critical; we have reserves that our conscious mind suppresses. To force change, we can and must go deep into these reserves.

So here’s to round two… here’s to progress!

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