Another milestone in the rear view

VascularityWe reached a new milestone this morning, seeing 185lb on the morning scale for the first time! Sure, we need to see it more than once, but once is a great start.

For perspective, last November I was 169lb, and on January 1st, I was holding 175lb in the mornings. As it turns out, 175lbs was a HUGE sticking point for me. It took another two months to break that plateau and inch toward 180lb. I’m not sure what’s happened, but 185lb has come pretty quick by comparison… just a month since I was dunked at 180lb on March 25th. Gettin’ chubby.

With 185lbs in my grasp, I’ve been thinking about quantifying my goals. The numbers make it real, and kinda scary.

At that last weigh-in, I was 180.25lb and 11.4% body fat. That’s 159.7lb lean and 20.55lb of fat. Right now (about a month later), I am holding 185lb on the morning scale, and as high as 188lb on the evening scale. Body fat has climbed again, but I’ve added a little more lean tissue too.

My goal, and it’s aggressive, is 180lb at 8% body fat. That means holding 165.6lb lean and only 14.4lb of body fat.

Let’s work that through, you know, for perspective:

  • I’ve got to find 5.9lbs of additional lean mass. If I can sustain my current trajectory, that’s another 3 months of solid eating and not missing workouts.
  • To gain that 5.9lbs of lean, I’ll have to add about the same in fat.
  • That would mean reaching a body weight of ~192lb and holding about 26lb of fat.
  • It would also mean I would need to shift 11.6lb of fat and 0lb of lean mass during the next cut, which is extremely unlikely (ok, impossible). I would expect to lose at least a couple of pounds of lean.

But regardless, that’s the goal. I want 180lb on the scale at 8% body fat, even if it’s just for a week or two. After that, I’ll just try to stay around 10% body fat and work on specific body part goals.

I sincerely doubt everything will go to plan, so for now, I’ll just keep truckin’, putting in the hard work, eating and resting as best I can.

No matter the route I end-up taking, I will get there. Why? Because I am unstoppable.

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