Journal: Day 2 of my full body split

Today’s post is short and sweet, following on from my last post covering day one of my new, low volume, high frequency split.

I’ll cover the programming for the workout as a whole in a final post at the weekend. For now, I’ll just detail the workout I followed last night.

Overall, it was a pretty solid session, especially for a first run through. Balance seemed about right, although I found the single leg box steps left me feeling like more was needed for the legs, but I was also nowhere near my capacity there, so I’ll reserve judgment on that one until we’re working harder.

Here’s the workout:

A1:  Facepulls   3 x 8-12
A2:  Pallof press   3 x 12-15

B:  Single arm DB floor press   7, 7, 14

C:  DB box step-up   3 x 8-12 (per leg)

D:  Chest supported row   10, 6, 15

E:  Cable side lateral   2 x 20-25 (each side)

F1:  DB curl   3 x 8-12
F2:  Cable pushdown   3 x 8-12

Rest intervals were 60 seconds or thereabouts, and the whole program was under an hour. Warmup sets are not included in the above, and I tend to run through two to three sets per exercise, depending on the body part.

Drop me a line if you have questions or comments.

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