Too much of a good thing?

I’ve slowly gotten myself bit of a reputation at work as the gym guy; that middle-aged dude that looks like you wouldn’t wanna mess with him. The same guy with endless tubs of supplements all over his desk that eats the same shit every day, at the same time, and sits scratching at his face around 3:45pm as the beta alanine in his pre-workout kicks in.

Still, I like that people notice I lift. I mean, it’s taken 34 years for me to even remotely look like I lift, and throw a sweater on, and I could be any other skinny-fat dork that’s never even seen a barbell, let alone used one. Like I say, I’ll take it.

So what’s happened this week… let’s see.

First-up, it’s been another full week of grueling workouts. I’ve made good progress on a lot of lifts and generally feel strong in most movements. In particular, I had a great back workout this week, leaving me with widespread soreness I’ve not had in a while. However, injuries and niggles are building, and I continue to work around everything as best I can. Unfortunately, I feel that somethings got to give. Injuries are either going to build to breaking-point, or I’m going to have to make some changes and give my body a break.

I haven’t missed a workout in nearly three months, including sticking to my full schedule through the holiday season. And it (kinda) shows. I’ve added another 6lbs in bodyweight, bringing me to a new stable base of 175lbs, keeping the bodyfat in check at around 10%. Still, the schedule has been brutal, and truth be told, I am feeling the pace.

The problem is that I am SO FUCKING MOTIVATED right now, I can’t help myself. I know I should be thinking longer-term. I know I should be listening to my body and making the changes needed to rest and avoid aggravating injuries. And I will, I’m sure. Probably. Soon.

No, I will. I mean it.

It’s just that 180lbs is the step-goal. And it’s HARD.

I am eating everything. All of it. Sure, it’s not crap; no junk food, saturated fats or alcohol, and I am probably still a little carb shy. But there’s no doubt I am getting the calories in. And yet, I didn’t gain an ounce this week. Not one. And so, I keep pushing. Eat more, train more…

Anyway, Adam will be back in circulation soon enough and will likely force me to change direction. I am trying to be responsible on my own, but the reality is that I find it tough to change my innate behaviors. That’s exactly why I work with Adam, I need someone to keep me honest and look objectively at my progress and goals.

And I have another bodyfat test on 1/27, so that’s another reason to work hard and hold out for just three more weeks. I VERY much want to see 175 @ 10% on that weigh-in.

Anyway, what else has been happening.

My boy, James, is 21 on Monday. Twenty one. It blows my mind, frankly. Where did all the time go?? Unfortunately, I won’t be there to share the day with him, we live six thousand miles apart. But I’ll be back there in February and we’ll rock a late birthday celebration together — hell, I might even have a drink!

Picked-up a Withings smart scale for Christmas from the wife, although not sure what kinda message she’s trying to give me. Still, it seems to do a nice job of tracking weight and bodyfat, graphing all the data at an online portal as well as on your smartphone. Hoping that the upcoming dunk with validate the numbers I am seeing on the scale. It doesn’t need to be dead-on balls accurate, as long as it’s close and consistent.

My current read is the latest book in a fantastic series by Peter F. Hamilton, a sci-fi author with clean, prosaic style. Still, this is not the kind of sci-fi you normally get, it’s a relatively near-term projection of current time with realistic, or at least believable, developments with a fantastic array of deeply engaging characters. I picked-up the reading with Pandora’s Star, the first of a two-parter, and then followed that with the Void Trilogy. The latest series in that same storyline is a two-part chronicle, and I simply loving the first book: The Abyss Beyond Dreams.

Other than that, it’s work, gym, eat, rest, repeat.

Until next week.

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