Chest, shoulders and tris, oh my

arnold-schwarzenegger-square-pecsContinuing on from yesterday’s post about my new cutting program, I ran through the first of the two chest, shoulder and triceps routines last night.

As with each of the other splits, this routine has a different emphasis and focuses largely on pushing, with a little ancillary shoulder work.

All in all, the programming was pretty close, needing just a few tweaks and a little improvisation to feel right.

Here’s the breakdown:

Cutting: Chest, shoulders, triceps — Push

A: Banded facepulls — 3 x 10
B: Floor press — 6 x 6
C: Shoulder press — 5 x 8
D1:  Narrow grip bench press — 3 x 8
D2:  Bench dips — 3 x 12*
E1: Front DB raise — 3 x 12
E2: Plate halos — 3 x 12 (6 each direction)

As with all the routines in this phase of programming, the goal is density — more work in less time. Hence, rest intervals are kept to a maximum of 60 seconds between exercise groups and no rest between movements in a superset.

Running through the program last night, it felt good. Weight selection was just about right, given the rest intervals, and I found myself hitting positive failure on the pressing work with fairly modest loads. Again, that’s good for a cutting phase where we don’t want to be chasing bar weight.

Of course, the overall intensity and impact on your body is nothing like when you work legs with the same level of workout density. But it felt about right.

Tonight is the vertical/pull oriented back, trap and biceps routine. I’ll write that up and post tomorrow.

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