Cinnamon Raisin Protein Pancakes

Cinnamon Roll PancakeIt was time for a modest refeed this weekend and I was on the hunt for a high protein, high carb pancake option. However, I also wanted one that was low in fat too. After stumbling across this post by the Daily Burn, I discovered this little beauty from The Slender Student.

And the best part? The macros! As much protein as carbs, all healthy natural ingredients, and low to no fat! Perfect!

Given I was on a refeed, I needed a good sized portion of carbs, so I opted to double the recipe ingredients and make a larger batch. Following the recipe exactly as written yielded a perfect batter and relatively light and fluffy pancakes. I added raisins to my batter because, well, I love them… and why not! As for the other options, I used BioTrust vanilla protein powder, Stevia in the pancakes and a little over a tablespoon of coconut palm sugar in the low-fat cream cheese frosting.

All in all it was delicious, and PACKED with nutrients… a really healthy treat as part of a macro balanced diet. Enjoy!

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