Monday Morning Motivation

Here’s a little Monday morning motivation for you; six minutes and forty-nine seconds of energy-boosting, mind-blowing, soul-searching goodness. How bad do you want success?


Here’s three passages from the video that really stuck in my mind:

Success is the magnitude of the beneficial footprint you leave on society; how many people do you have an effect on? How have you transformed your friends, your colleagues, your teammates, your spouse, your children, your parents, all those around you. How has your legacy changed the lives of others?


I’ll pass on the good in order to get to great. That’s strength, that’s desire, that’s focus, that’s mental fortitude. It’s passion to get done what needs to be done, because I’m here to leave an impact. I’m here to effect. I’m here to leave my mark. I’m here for greatness.


It’s easy to dream, real easy. But it’s hard, hard work, to turn it into reality. But you control your own life. I’m not the best. I’m not the smartest. But I will not be outworked; period. That feeling has got to consume you. It’s called devoting yourself to be the best person you can be. Not just better, but the best. Giving your very best. The pain we go through, it transforms us into the people we become. Embrace the process to get to the prize, because the wood has to burn for there to be fire.

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