Started Testosterone replacement therapy today

At precisely 4:30pm today, I received my first shot of Testosterone; 200mg or 1ml of Testosterone Cypionate to be precise, injected into the top of my left buttock. And contrary to my doctors words of warning, the injection really didn’t hurt, at least not at the time. The discomfort came on a few minutes later on the way home in the car, largely in the form of a dull ache. It’s still aching now, an hour or so after the event.

In all honesty, that I find myself here, in need of support from synthetic hormones, is quite surreal. Testosterone therapy was always just something I read about in magazines, or saw advertisements for on late-night TV. You know, you’ve seen them; it’s the ones with some overweight, 60-year old guy lounging around the sofa, who next time you see him is sporting a tan and a six-pack, having fundamentally reversed the laws of aging!

Anyway, I plan to write-up my entire journey to this point and explain how I got here, my symptoms, expectations and outcomes; certainly more than I can get to mid-week.

But today was potentially a big day–day one of my return to normality–and I wanted to capture it for prosperity!


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