The cost of progress

skinned knucklesThe problem with a weekend heavy-bag workout is that it’s easy to get carried away and go at it a little too hard! Especially when you throw an energizing playlist into the mix!

Today’s twelve-round slug-fest was hard in all sorts of ways, and adding abs and footwork into the rest intervals keeps the heart-rate elevated for the entire thirty minute workout. Unfortunately, despite using hand-wraps and good punching form, over twelve two-minute rounds, you will miss with a few punches, and that’s when the (wrong) knuckles can take a battering.

Still, a little skin lost is a reasonable investment in shifting that visceral body fat. You also get to release all your pent-up frustrations from the week past!

Closing thoughts: It never ceases to amaze me just how much harder music can push you in a workout. I have an awesome playlist that I listen to for cardio workouts and it can literally drive me to the point of exhaustion… and skinned knuckles! 

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