Mindfulness in 10 Minutes: Unlocking the Power of Micro-Meditation

A Busy Person’s Guide to Meditation

In a world overflowing with noise, deadlines, and distractions, carving out time for ourselves feels like a luxury. Yet, amidst the chaos, a simple, science-backed practice offers a sanctuary for the mind and a reset for the soul: meditation.

The trouble is, meditation is perceived as time consuming and many dismiss meditation as simply impractical.

Well, don’t give up on the idea just yet.

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Gains Monster

The gains monster is an attention-seeking child

The gains monster is everywhere, just waiting for you to slip-up. Make a mistake. Leave yourself vulnerable. And then, without warning, it’ll suck you dry of everything you’ve worked for.

Yesterday was absolutely manic from start to end.

Up at the crack of dawn, fighting with traffic to get to a four-hour training course. Dashing out ten minutes before the end to get a jump on traffic to race back home in time for another two hours of conference calls.

Breakfast was so-so, and only moderately nutritious.

Lunch was skipped in exchange for making it to my next meeting.

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