Why online coaching?

BornFitnessA few people have asked me why online coaching? They see that I have plenty of knowledge, experience and motivation of my own, so what am I getting from it? Given it’s not the first time I’ve been asked, I took an hour or two put down my thoughts.

Regular readers will know that I am currently working with Adam Bornstein, one of the industry’s leading authorities on all things health and fitness. What you likely don’t fully appreciate is the extent to which we are working together.

Sure, it goes without saying that I get good advice from Adam on diet, nutrition, exercise programs and the like. But to great joy, I am also finding that Adam’s interests, knowledge and experience reach far beyond simple (are you kidding?) health and fitness. Frankly, it’s much more like having a life coach in your corner, one that just happens to be a health and fitness expert!

Here’s what I am loving most about working with Adam so far:

  • He cares. Not simply in the way that any good practitioner cares about their client; Adam cares like his very life depends on it. He cares like I am family. He cares way more than he probably should. He cares so much, that I can’t tell if I am a client or a friend; of course, I am very much hoping it’s the latter at this point.
  • Perspective. No matter what the situation, no matter how bad things seem, no matter how much I whine, complain, question, wonder, worry, ponder or stress, Adam brings immediate perspective. A perspective that is ultimately grounding, filtering out the noise and providing clear, actionable guidance on the topic at hand — seemingly, no matter what the topic.
  • Positivity. In the great many exchanges I’ve had with Adam, I have yet to receive a message that is not steeped in positivity. And I am not talking random motivational quotes or showering me with a tirade of simple superlatives; Adam’s energy flows sanguine from a genuine belief that he can help me, and, more importantly, that I can be helped! Of all things, this has been the most uplifting part of our work together, for without belief, progress often seems all but impossible.

My early work with Adam was in the context of Getting Shredded, a shared, group experience that started with the express goal of getting as lean as possible. And it worked. However, that program has since grown and evolved into a full-fledged community where members can work together with Adam toward either getting lean, or gaining muscle. This is yet another example of how Adam works tirelessly to help as many people as possible; he quickly recognized that as the community goals diverged, a different approach was needed to keep people moving forward.

If you want to experience the community for yourself, Adam has a special offer going where you get a month in the community for free if you pay just $7.99 for the Getting Shredded e-book, an extremely valuable resource in its own right. If you ask me, you have nothing to lose from trying it out, and will almost certainly walk away with progress, knowledge and maybe even a new friend or three.

So what now?

For me, it’s continue with the personal coaching. Since reaching my shredded goal, I want to start adding muscle to my frame, and to do that, I’ll need help. Help with the programming, help with the diet and help shaping the vision and belief system that is necessary for transforming both mind and body.

As always, I’ll keep writing about my journey, sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

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