Why I’m giving-up a seven figure income to help people look great naked

Now that sure is a splashy headline, and maybe it’s the only reason you clicked through to read. But if you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt, I’ll show you that it’s fundamentally true. Perhaps most importantly, I’ll tell you the why of that decision and how that could be important if YOU decide you want to look great naked.

For the last eight-plus years I’ve worked as a professional engineering manager and career coach for YouTube and Google. Prior to that, another two decades in software engineering and management.

So let’s get it out of the way, shall we?

Seven figures, you say?

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YOU must take responsibility for YOU

on-teaching-responsibilityInspired by the prolific writing schedule of James Clear–who posts every Monday and every Thursday without fail–I just wanted to share an insight that’s been nagging at me for a while now.

I’ve been in the iron game long enough now to have seen just about everything. From bodybuilding in the Golden Era right up to the latest science-based protocols of today’s bodybuilders and athletes.

In the last couple of years, I’ve also managed to find myself a fantastic circle of trusted friends, advisors and industry leaders to guide me in my pursuit of bodybuilding, people like Adam Bornstein, Bryan Krahn, Sean Hyson, Jim Smith and Dave Dellanave to name but a few. And if that were not enough, the extended network around these individuals is rich in information — so much so, you can never really keep up.

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Why online coaching?

BornFitnessA few people have asked me why online coaching? They see that I have plenty of knowledge, experience and motivation of my own, so what am I getting from it? Given it’s not the first time I’ve been asked, I took an hour or two put down my thoughts.

Regular readers will know that I am currently working with Adam Bornstein, one of the industry’s leading authorities on all things health and fitness. What you likely don’t fully appreciate is the extent to which we are working together.

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I can see my abs

My AbsOn February 8th this year, I decided to set a new step-goal of seeing my absI can recall the date explicitly, as it’s the same day I signed-up for Adam Bornstein’s Getting Shredded event. Two months later… BOOM; abs!

Yup, that’s not stock imagery on on the right, that’s me sporting my new six-pack!

So what was different this time around?

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